Golden Visa

Golden Visa

Golden Visa

Golden Visa Spain, the opportunity for investors.

The Golden Visa is a residence permit that can be obtained by investing real estate in Spain. This type of visa allows resident in Spain to those foreigners who buy real estate in Spain, with an investment of value or more than 500,000 euros. The Golden Visa is aimed at investors who want to stay in Spain for a duration of more than one year.

The benefits of obtaining the Golden Visa are many. Here we present its main advantages:

The process to acquire the Golden Visa is quite fast. With an organization exclusively dedicated to the subject. In general, the process is usually resolved within a period of no more than three weeks.
Residence in Spain is not compulsory. The only requirement is that, whoever applies for the visa, travel at least once, during the granted period.
The permit is granted directly for two years.
The visa allows you to work legally in Spanish territory.
The relatives of the investor are included in the residence permit. Cónyugue, minor children and dependent dependent children.

In the same way, to apply for the Golden Visa it is necessary to comply with some general requirements, being of legal age. That is, over 18 years of age, not found irregularly in Spain, not having a criminal record for crimes contemplated by Spanish law, certifying the respective certificates of ownership of the property acquired, paying the payment for the processing of the visa, possessing a sufficient purchasing power to cover your expenses and those of your family if it is the case and have a public or private medical insurance.

Also, there are other more specific requirements for the Golden Visa being the most important that the applicant accredits the intention or acquisition of the properties. You can prove the intention of the purchase by presenting a preliminary contract with guarantee for the purchase, through a deposit contract or any means provided by law and has been formalized in notarial public deed. The acquisition, in turn, can be accredited through domain registration and cargo issued by the Property Registry competent for the property in question.

In any case, the applicant must prove that he has an investment in real estate in the amount of 500,000 euros free of liens and encumbrances. The corresponding receipt can be provided before or after the purchase.

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